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Do I need to do any special inspection checks on a hazardous area motor?

AS/NZS 60079.17 details the inspection requirements for hazardous area equipment. Tables 1 – 3 of this standard lists the key checks that must be made to hazardous area equipment to maintain its hazardous area integrity. These are not the only checks that may be required, the manufacturers documentation must always be checked to ensure there are not additional inspection requirements. In addition to the checks listed in tables 1 -3 and the checks required by the manufacturer the following inspections are recommended as required:

  •  Check protective and control equipment is installed and operational,
  •  Validate thermistor controls, thermal overloads and VSD settings are correct and provide
    suitable overload protection,
  • Motor runs smoothly and makes no abnormal noises,
  • Condensate drain holes are free from corrosion,
  • There are no signs of heat dissipation by external devices,
  • Bearings noise and vibration levels are satisfactory,
  • The earth connection for VFFD fed motors terminal box is satisfactory,
  • Lubricant level and condition of sleeve bearings are satisfactory,
  • Lubrication of the bearings or oil flow to bearing housings is satisfactory,
  • All motor bolts are re-tightened to the correct torque following cleaning or re-painting,
  • Air/oil/water filters of any heating/cooling/lubricating systems are clean.


“This following information represents and opinion only of a general nature, the specifics of each individual situation must be taken into account with reference to the relevant Legislation, Codes of practice and Australian standards. Professional advice should be sort if there is any doubt.”

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