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Type B Compliance

By engaging Lithium Oil & Gas we can help manage the compliance of your Type B gas appliances. Type B validation of an appliance is required to operate it legally in all states and territories of Australia. Legislation and processes may vary depending on the state and the nature and size of the installation but in all cases are covered by a strict regulatory framework.

In Australia, gas appliances that use gas as a gaseous fuel to produce flame, heat, light or power with a gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/h may require to go through a local Type B gas device approval process. The process can vary depending on the jurisdiction but in all cases is intended to provide a series of checks and balances to ensure that the devices meet the safety requirements, relevant standards and all regulatory obligations before and when a Type B device is installed. Lithium Oil & Gas can help customers navigate the difficult task of ensuring your gas consuming appliances meets local regulatory requirements as well as the requirements detailed in the relevant Australian standards.

By engaging Lithium Oil & Gas to help manage the compliance of your Type B gas appliances we can help navigate the often-misunderstood compliance boundaries between gas appliances and hazardous areas. Our team of hazardous area and gas compliance specialists can complete a compliance review to relevant legislation and standards such as AS1375, AS3814 and AS/NZS5601.

  • Gas Turbine Generators
  • Gas Turbine Compressors
  • Flare Ignition Systems
  • Boilers
  • Sludge heaters
  • Incinerators

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