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Supplier Quality Surveillance - SQS

Our Australian quality assurance team is available to be dispatched globally to Asia, Europe, America, Canada and the Pacific to complete supplier quality surveillance audits. This helps to ensure equipment manufacturers have the correct systems in place to ensure the customers quality benchmarks are met or exceeded.

Supplier Quality Surveillance Systems Prevent Rework

Our Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) team can be engaged to avoid rework associated with the receival of project components and vendor supplied equipment that turns out to be deficient. If there are quality deviations of the equipment at the manufacturing stage, then no matter how well designed the installation effort may be, the result will be deficient, and rework of some sort will result. This rework could consist of replacement or repair of the deficient components, engineering rework to design a work around, or client acceptance of a less-than-desired component. Any of these cases represent waste, either in effort or in diminution of the client’s expected value.

Get a Supplier Audit

Our Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) team are available to conduct supplier audits. Supplier audits are one of the best ways to ensure that supplier is following the processes and procedures that you agreed to during the selection processes. The supplier audit identifies non-conformances in manufacturing process, shipment process, engineering change process, invoicing process and quality process at the supplier. After the audit, the supplier and manufacturer jointly identify corrective actions which must be implemented by the supplier within an agreed-upon timeframe. A future audit ensures that these corrective actions have been successfully implemented.

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