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Design Review

The Australian oil and gas industry in a unique and challenging environment underpinned by a large suite of Australian standards used to manage compliance and risk. Ensuring oil and gas equipment built overseas for installation in Australia is compliant is a detailed process that starts very early in the equipment supply chain. Our Australian quality assurance team is available to be dispatched globally to Asia, Europe, America, Canada and the Pacific to help our customers ensure regulatory compliance of their oil & gas and petrochemical systems. The Lithium Oil & Gas compliance and quality assurance team offer a comprehensive range of world-leading inspection and verification services and can undertake detailed design reviews, factory acceptance testing, hazardous area auditing and inspections, certification reviews and deliver training on your hazardous area systems.

The Design Review Process Explained

A systematic design review is used to evaluate the system against the requirements of the Australian standards, state regulatory requirements, site safety cases and to ensure the product meets the customer expectations. A design review is one of the first steps completed by Lithium Oil & Gas as part of our comprehensive verification system with the aim to give our clients the confidence that the technical requirements of the project are met and to ensure risks are as low as reasonably practical (ALARP). This is achieved by conducting a desktop review of the vendor drawings and validating the design against the relevant Australia standards and the end user requirements.

Confidence Through Independence

By using Lithium Oil & Gas to complete a design review of your hazardous area systems you gain independent and unbiased validation by Australian hazardous area specialist that your design meets the requirements of the relevant Australian standards. The compliance and validation team at Lithium Oil & Gas can review your electrical, piping and instrumentation (P&ID) design as well as validate the accuracy and completeness of your hazardous area verification dossier.

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