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Vendor and Manufacturing

Save Time and Money

Vendor and manufacturing inspections play a vital role during the equipment build and procurement stage. The Lithium Oil & Gas global quality assurance team provide independent third-party vendor and manufacturing inspections.  These inspections ensure that the quality of the vendor packages meets and exceeds not only the requirements of the Australian standards but also the expectations of the end user. Our team of Auditors can provide a systematic assessment of the vendors manufacturing process and quality management systems to ensure vendor packages are compliant and delivered on time.

Avoid Costly Rework

By ensuring regular quality and assurance checks are completed on the hazardous area systems during the build phase potentially costly errors can be detected early and rectified. Lithium Oil & Gas can offer vendor inspections of vendor systems at the point of manufacture in America, Canada, Asian and the European region.

Vendor inspections can be completed on the hazardous area and Oil & Gas systems in the following areas:

  • Gas Turbine Generators
  • Gas Turbine Compressors
  • Gas Metering Skids
  • Coal Seam Gas Wells
  • Coal Seam Drilling Rigs
  • Gas Flares
  • Field Compressor Stations
  • Offshore Facilities Equipment
  • Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) Equipment
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Systems (LNG)

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