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CAD Conformity Assessment

The consulting team at Lithium Oil & Gas can complete conformity assessment documents and equipment certification assessments in accordance with AS/NZS 60079.14 and relevant IECEx standards. Completing a conformity assessment document is a detailed process and requires a careful and considered examination of the equipment, test reports and third-party certification scheme. The consultants at Lithium Oil & Gas hold the required competencies and possess the requisite knowledge to undertake these complicated conformity assessments.

When do I need a Conformity Assessment Document?

Electrical equipment, other than simple apparatus installed within an intrinsically safe circuit, to be installed in a hazardous area, and any associated apparatus must be correctly certified. In Australia equipment with certificates issued under the IECEx, ANZEx and AUSEx schemes is acceptable when selected and installed in accordance with applicable hazardous area standards.

The selection of equipment which has a certificate issued by a third party that is not issued under the IECEx, ANZEx and AUSEx schemes needs to be restricted to circumstances where obtaining equipment with a suitable IECEx, ANZEx and AUSEx is not practical. Common third-party certification schemes not immediately accepted for use in Australia include ATEX, CSA, FM, UL. If equipment certified under the ATEX, CSA, FM, UL certification schemes is to be used in Australia the justification for the use of such equipment needs to be made by the person(s) in control of the installation, or their nominee, and include the selection, installation and operational requirements. Any assessment of the equipment to support this justification must be carried out by a competent person trained on conformity. This justification is best demonstrated by completing a conformity assessment document in accordance with Annex ZD of AS/NZS 60079.14.  

What is a Conformity Assessment Document?

A CAD is a documented assessment/opinion by a specialist to determine if they believe the piece of equipment offers an equivalent level of safety as is required by the IECEx, ANZEx or AUSEx certification scheme. This means the author of the CAD must assess the piece of equipment in question and determine if it meets all the requirements of a type 5 certification scheme, or for older equipment a type 1 scheme. They must also ensure the standards the equipment was built to offers an equivalent level of safety to the parallel AS/NZS or IECEx standards

The ANZEX and IECEx ISO type 5 certification systems include the following:

  • Samples on request by the certification body.
  • Evaluation of the Test Report.
  • Initial conformity assessment of the quality system.
  • Licence (Certificate of Conformity).
  • Surveillance of the quality management system of the organization.
  • Surveillance on equipment from the market.

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