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Hazardous Area Auditing

Our Hazardous area auditors hold Australian AS/NZS 4761 and internationally recognised certification under the IECEx CoPC certification scheme and are certified in Hazardous Area Auditing, Classification, Design and Inspection. Our team can undertake a detailed examination of your hazardous area facility to ensure it is compliant and safe to operate, giving our customers piece of mind knowing their facility is compliant.

In High Risk Industries Compliance Matters

Lithium Oil & Gas Hazardous Area Auditors and H-Class Inspectors form an integral part of our Australian quality assurance team and they are available to complete site audits and factory acceptance testing and Australia and globally in Asia, Europe, Canada, America and the Pacific to ensure our customers systems are compliant.

Are Hazardous Area Audits Mandatory?

Electrical equipment installed in Hazardous Areas in the states of Victoria and Queensland require an extra regulatory audit to be completed prior to the equipment being energised for the first time onsite. Lithium Oil & Gas has Queensland Accredited Hazardous Area Auditors and Victorian H-class inspectors who can complete these Audits.

Why use our Specialist Auditors?

Using an Accredited Queensland Hazardous Area Auditor for equipment bound for Queensland, or a Victorian H-Class Inspector for equipment bound for Victoria adds an increased level of assurance that the equipment will pass all the regulatorily compliance requirement of that state . Hazardous area equipment and systems for the Oil & Gas, LNG and Petrochemical industries built overseas often face significant compliance hurdles when they arrive as manufactures may have underestimated how rigidly Australian regulators enforce standards compliance which can lead to costly rework being required.

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