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Instrumentation and Calibration

Lithium Oil & Gas instrumentation technicians are available to conduct independent verification of the instrumentation systems. Our instrumentation technicians can perform calibration and function testing of the instrument loops during the factory acceptance testing which gives the end user assurance the equipment functions as intended when it arrives on site.

What Can We Do?

Our instrumentation technicians can perform factory acceptance testing on the following technologies:

  • Flow – configuration and control
  • Pressure (suppression/elevation of transmitter)
  • Radar / Ultrasonic configuration
  • Capacitance level configuration
  • Temperature (RTD / Thermocouples)
  • PLC and HMI configuration
  • Configuration of smart devices via Hart modem and handheld configurator,
  • Calibration of valves
  • P&ID control
  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Tube work and bending validation

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