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HazardOus Area Design

The Lithium Oil & Gas team can design hazardous area systems from the ground up, adhering to the AS/NZS 60079 suite. Having worked with Australian and international customers ensures we have extensive experience in a wide range of hazardous area applications giving our customers the piece of mind that the installation will be compliant from the start.

Is Hazardous Area Certified Equipment the Only Way?

Electrical equipment for use in a hazardous area design is not cheap. Systems designed by inexperienced design teams often rely on certified electrical equipment as there only means of protection. Our team will always seek to reduce the extent of the hazardous area though our design by controlling releases using ventilation systems, vapour barriers, spill containment and other pragmatic design solutions that create not only a more cost-effective installation but a far safer one.

How do I Select Hazardous Area Equipment?

Lithium Oil & Gas will select the certified electrical equipment best suited for your application. In order to select the appropriate electrical equipment for hazardous areas, the following information is required:

  • Classification of the hazardous area design including the equipment protection level requirements where applicable;
  • Where applicable, gas or vapour classification in relation to the group or subgroup of the electrical equipment;
  • Temperature class or ignition temperature of the gas or vapour involved;
  • Intended application of the equipment;
  • External influences and ambient temperature.

Once this information is received compliant equipment best suited to the needs of our customers can be selected that is functional, durable, cost effective and safe.

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