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Queensland Hazardous
Area Auditor

Lithium Oil & Gas have accredited Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors available to complete Hazardous Area Audits. Our team can audit hazardous area facilities ranging from oil and gas refineries through to combustible dusts installations. By using Lithium Oil & Gas you can ensure your installation is compliant and safe to energise right from the very start.

Compliance Advice Throughout the Entire Project

Our Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors can be engaged at the early stages of the job and can provide compliance advice on the design and installation throughout the projects life cycle ensuring costly compliance issues are detected early. This early consultation can prevent the need for costly rework and remediation and is strongly recommended.

Why we are Different

Our accredited Queensland Hazardous Area Auditors take a hands-on approach and always work with our customers to ensure the project is compliant as soon as possible, by providing advice and consultation backed by many years of experience.

Compliance Through Education

Our hazardous area auditors aim to guide our customers through the difficult task of ensuring their LNG, Oil & Gas and petrochemical facilities meet the strict regulatory requirements set out by the various state and commonwealth legislation by finding areas of non-compliance and educating our customers on the regulatory requirements. Our role as auditors is to educate and inform our customers on strategies and pathways to become compliant.

When Does the Installation Require a Hazardous Area Audit?

It is important to note that a person must not connect or reconnect an electrical installation covered under the Queensland electrical safety act located in a hazardous area in Queensland, to a source of electricity after electrical installation work or electric line work (the electrical work) has been performed on the electrical installation unless:

  • The electrical work has been inspected by an accredited auditor; and
  • The accredited auditor has confirmed that the electrical installation, to the extent it is affected by the electrical work, has been tested to ensure it is electrically safe and complies with the requirements of the wiring rules and any other standard applying under this regulation to the electrical installation.

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