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What is a Hazardous Area Verification Dossier ?

To ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of a hazardous area, it is a requirement that all sites containing a hazardous area compile and maintain a document that outlines the compliance of the facility and its equipment. This document, known as the Verification Dossier or Site Dossier, contains all the information relating to their hazardous area and the equipment installed within. Once the plant or facility has been energised, the dossier must be maintained with current expansions, modifications, repairs, and maintenance and inspection records and made available to any person who needs it. This would typically be the engineering staff and maintenance personnel. Importantly it is the responsibility of the person(s) or parties in control of the installation to ensure the dossier is prepared and up to date.

The verification dossier will generally be kept on site. Depending on the size of the installation a dossier can be large and in the interest of functionality may be located in different areas of the plant. Having the dossier separated and broken up into specific sections makes sense at some sites. This is because the dossier contains maintenance, design, classification and inspections information, therefor it makes sense that the maintenance department would manage the inspection and maintenance sections of the dossier and the engineering department may manage the design and classification sections of the dossier. The verification dossier can be kept as hard copy, soft copy or a combination of the two, many companies are moving to storing the dossier electronically so everyone onsite can access it easily if they have access to a computer.

As this is the central source and repository of the hazardous area installation information, for inspection and maintenance personnel, it is critical that location be well known for easy access. It is not mandatory that the dossier be kept on site but if the dossier is not kept onsite a document indicating where it is located must be kept on site. An example when a dossier might not be left on site is unmanned oil platform or gas wells in central Australia.

Unfortunately, some sites do not realise the importance of the verification dossier. It is not just extra piles of paperwork to file and maintain, it is the tool used to monitor the compliance and maintenance of your installation. The dossier is a critical tool in managing compliance and its importance cannot be overstated.

If you need any further details, contact Lithium Oil and Gas for information and guidance on your specific installation requirements.


“This information represents and opinion only of a general nature, the specifics of each individual situation must be taken into account with reference to the relevant Legislation, Codes of practice and Australian standards. Professional advice should be sort if there is any doubt.”

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