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Live Streaming Inspections

Companies across the world are feeling the effects of the travel restrictions caused by the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. This has forced companies to rapidly adapt the way they do business and, in some cases, has led to improvements and innovations that have streamlined business. The Oil & Gas industry has not been an exception and the rapid growth in Coal Seam Gas (CSG), Hydrogen and offshore exploration coupled with the spread of Covid-19 has forced international suppliers to rethink the way they do businesses.

Oil & Gas is a high-risk industry and requires safety and compliance of the highest level, international companies are still required to meet delivery deadlines whilst maintaining safety and compliance. In days gone by this was managed by flying inspection and quality management teams around the world to complete Vendor Inspections and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

With the strict limitations on travel, we needed a new solution. Luckily, this gap has been filled with the use of live video streaming services. Lithium Oil & Gas are currently using digital technologies to bring inspectors and surveyors to a site virtually in order to witness and verify the quality and integrity of equipment and assets to company specifications or industry standards. The use of high definition mobile cameras combined with secure live streaming services allows our inspectors to complete virtual inspections to the same level of detail as previous face to face site inspections. Lithium Oil & Gas has also found virtual inspections have increased efficiency by cutting the time that customers need to wait for an inspector or surveyor to become available.

The use of virtual inspections adds another benefit of traceability and accountability. By completing the inspections remotely using a live streaming platform the inspections can be recorded and catalogued on secure encrypted servers. This allows for the video to be reviewed at any stage to validate and verify the inspections at a later date should an issue arise.

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